Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is a Zoobie? Or a Eubie?

Once upon a time, I attended BYU. And though current students don't often hear the term "zoobie" some of us still know what it means. Urban Dictionary says:
A zoobie is the quintessential BYU student. A zoobie is just a member of the flock of sheep. Zoobies don't think for themselves, they are the oblivious morons who roam BYU campus in droves. You can't tell a zoobie by appearance only, although there is certainly a stereotyped look. Preppy sweater boys and plastic girls are often associated with zoobiehood.
Pretty accurate, if you ask me. Though overly simplistic. The (then) Daily Universe* wrote an article about what Zoobies are. I'll let you read it.


Pretty good, no? So a Zoobie is the quintessential Mormon at BYU. I avoided these, I was not one of them. Anyone who knows me will back that up.

So Eubie? What's that. Well, it's my new school's mascot. 

This blog will be about my life in Baltimore. Things that make me laugh because they're nothing like BYU. Things that make me incredibly happy because they're not like BYU. And the downs that will come with the ups. 

I hope you enjoy!

*The "Daily Universe" appears to just be the "Universe" now. No longer daily, no longer in print. But you can get it online! Read the letters to the editors, I promise there is 9 times out of 10 a perfect gem from a Zoobie. So great.